M.A. Supervision

Current M.A. Students

Chris Baker

Abdullah Al Mamun

Alexandra Shkandrij

Past M.A. Students

Martin Michalak (2019). “Political Marketing and Manitoba’s Progressive Conservative Party, 2011-2016”

Marcus Closen (2019). Thesis: “Unelected Upper Chambers in Commonwealth Parliaments”

Jessica Silva (2018). Thesis: “The Rise of Populist Far-Right Politics in France”

Segun Ofongo (2018). Thesis: “Defence Strategy: Intelligence and Management of Boko Haram Terrorism in Nigeria”

Colin Fingas (2017). Thesis: “Disallowed Candidates in the 2015 Canadian Federal Election”

Alex Kondakov (2016). Thesis: “The Practice of Ethnic Community Representation in Winnipeg”

Jessica Rebizant (2014). Thesis: “MLAs and Constituency Representation in Two Manitoba Ridings”